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Discussion in 'Art Bell' started by AncientStars, Nov 6, 2013.

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    First off why cant he come here? I understand Bellgab is more popular but this was for his damn show! lol Anyway,this is what he left..

    (Posted by Art Bell) Hi there, I am now on the site, I tried Yesterday but it would not take my PW, I tried to change it because I thought I might
    not have remembered it correctly. Today it is taking my original PW just fine.

    If it will help, I am sorry. I know many of you are angry in your usual style which I expected but there is nothing new I can say
    that will make any of you feel any better. It is as I have said, I had hundreds of emails from people who tried the 30 day free
    trial and were getting dropped left and right, Sirius was aware of the problem.(many of you know because you tried to
    help with the error reporting) I am sure some dropped because they did not like my show or just did not have the money, but
    by far most dropped because of the drops. This was a problem that we talked to them virtually every day about and learned that
    it would be a long term fix.

    As I mentioned in my emails Yesterday the net effect was that my base was gone, those of you who listened to the show must
    have noticed, I sure did, so I asked Sirius for a Year of free streaming or until they could fix the problem, they did offer a second
    free 30 day trial but what point is there in that if people would have the same experience? Anything beyond that, they were unwilling
    to do. It just did not make any sense to me that pirates were posting programs the next day and live streams were popping up all
    over the place that did not even carry our commercials without anybody doing anything about it, just crazy. Why not stream until
    the problem was fixed with our commercials? It was a widespread problem including here on Bell Gab, right? My thinking was and
    still is that it would have drawn many more into the program, eventually becomming full subs.

    I am still open to patching this up, but not without some tip of the hat to those that left because of the streaming problem, we even offered
    to pay for the streaming ourselves until it could be fixed. Anyway I am here so feel free to continue to cut me up and you can be
    sure I am absorbing your anger.

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    I really wish Sirius would make more public comments :) It'd be nice to get their unfiltered side.
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    There is a petition i heard asking for Arts reinstatement to Sirius. Im sure if that gets enough Signatures,we should get an official announcement from Sirius. But from what i read from Art,He wanted to leave.Sirius didnt "Fire" him..
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    I truly hope you didn't sign a non-compete and if you did, how much longer are you contractually silenced?
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    Do you know where the petition link is?

    Love your avatar.:p:D
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    So I go in to sign the petition to help out and there they are begging money. Hell's Bell's, I've already invested enough into Sirius and Art's new show. That just pisses me off!!!!
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    I am assuming last night's show was a re-run, anyone know??? I missed most of it as usual. Fell asleep as usual.....
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    I just signed the online petition. There is a page asking for a donation after you sign. I simply closed the donation page then went back to the original petition page and my vote and comment posted. A DONATION IS NOT REQUIRED!
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    I did the same. Signed and then closed the window asking for donations. I'm through throwing good money after bad (or whatever that expression is)
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    Your FAN BASE was NOT cheap dilettantes you cared about so much who got a 30 day free trial!!! They were those like me who BOUGHT a $150 Sirius Radio and a $200 year in advance! 6 weeks, you could not stay on the air for more than 6 WEEKS without pulling another stunt as a excuse to QUIT like last time! Clearly you belong on Shortwave period Bell. There you can CONTROL EVERYTHING and fire yourself whenever you want without screwing a lot of employees and fans.
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    I really wish Art posts here on Darkmatter forum.
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    I don't think he can post anywhere while he is under the Non-Compete.
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