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Dark Matter: Art Bell interviews Richard C. Hoagland

Discussion in 'Dark Matter September 19th' started by DarkMatter, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Administrator Staff Member

    Wanna Take a Ride?
    Hop on board the Dark Matter Express as Art Bell takes us on a captivating ride through the outer reaches of our minds. If you are listening on Sirius XM tonight and happen by this thread as a guest, we'd love to welcome you aboard Dark Matter XM as a registered member!

    On tonight's Dark Matter with Art Bell, our host, the fabulous Art of talk radio will be having on one of his long time friends, and guests of a former unmentionable show; None other than Richard C. Hoagland.

    SiriusXM 104 Indie Talk
    10PM Eastern 7PM Pacific
    Toll-Free 855-RealUFO

    Worm Hole Art Bell
    (Thanks Roy!)

    Richard C. Hoagland will be talking with Art about the new “LADEE” unmanned mission to the Moon, and how it can (finally!) PROVE the existence of the “ancient lunar glass domes” he has been investigating on NASA imagery for the past several decades… If NASA honestly publishes ALL the LADDEE data. Hoagland will also discuss the startling, recent confirmations of “an ancient, high-tech civilization on Mars” — confirmed in new close-up surface images from NASA’s on-going Curiosity rover mission to Gale Crater.


    Hoagland will then outline how his decade of “on-site, ‘torsion field’ Accutron measurements” at ancient archaeological sites around the world, not only confirm the pre-historical existence of an ”ancient, high-tech civilization” on Earth … but, its deep connection to the larger, “Type II Civilization” he has been proposing once inhabited the ancient solar system … of which humans are “the descendants.”


    Books by: Richard C Hoagland

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  2. Roy Hinkley

    Roy Hinkley Stranded Castaway T1

    Just my opinion, but I wish Dick was not a guest on Art's new show - especially the first week. I know they go way back, but I just don't buy Dick's claims. He sees faces, structures, and artifacts I have never been able to see. All of his grainy shots look like rocks or erosion to me. For YEARS he's done his teasers about new revelations coming out, and then nothing ever comes of it. That and the Dick sees a conspiracy in EVERYTHING - talk about paranoid. Just my two cents, but the "science advisor" is a little too far out there on his stories.
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  3. Zoxo

    Zoxo Active Member T1

    I'm ok with Hoagie.... I like to hear about the stuff (not that I believe in it) Professor, I do agree with you though... it all looks like erosion to me too! I joined a group on FB that is big at examining this stuff. The pictures that they post!!! OMG!!! I'm in the group pretty much to just laugh at what all is posted! They will look so hard at any pic of mars there is... and zooooooom way in on it. The stuff that they "think" or "believe" they see is BRUTAL! It all is just a bunch of rocks to me. The group is at https://www.facebook.com/groups/AlienLife.NevT/
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  4. Naked Apple

    Naked Apple Anam Cara T1

    OK, let's get the obvious out of the way. He is a good looking man. With great hair. Now, as far as his claims, I believed them once, but these days, Hoaxie seems to blow hot air. Having said that, however, he is an intelligent man and the repartee between him and Art tonight is worth tuning in for.
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  5. Roy Hinkley

    Roy Hinkley Stranded Castaway T1

    Thanks for the link David, I'll check it out.

    To me, the anomalies he sees are like EVP's. If you want to hear an EVP badly enough, I think you'll hear one. That's not to say I haven't heard some really convincing EVP's but a lot of them I don't hear what they're claiming. Same with the structures on Mars. I think if you can convince yourself you see a face, but you can see faces in clouds too, it doesn't mean there really is a face there.
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  6. Roy Hinkley

    Roy Hinkley Stranded Castaway T1

    LOL! His hair is noteworthy. It always reminds me of a nice big cloud formation. BelleStarr, you're the resident weather expert so we'll make you our "Weather Adviser". What type of cloud formation does Dick's hair most represent?

    I agree Nekki, it will be worth listening to. With the other host, Dick would always take control of the interview a lot of the time, so it will be nice to have a good host who can keep Dick in check.
  7. Naked Apple

    Naked Apple Anam Cara T1

    My favorite part of a Hoaxie interview is when he slaps down the dumb as a box of rocks host. Hey Roy, if you kicked a feather and a piano, which would go farther? LOL
  8. Roy Hinkley

    Roy Hinkley Stranded Castaway T1

    LOL! That depends - Is it an evil piano? Is the feather from an angel?
  9. BelleStarr

    BelleStarr Cat Mod T1

    I met Richard once on campus at Cal Poly in '94ish. I found him to be an amiable and decent man. He was promoting The Face On Mars.
  10. Roy Hinkley

    Roy Hinkley Stranded Castaway T1

    Did you hear him give a presentation?
  11. BelleStarr

    BelleStarr Cat Mod T1

    I don't remember. I was between classes so I didn't stay very long.
  12. Dr Who

    Dr Who Who's on First?

    Richard and Art always makes for good radio. I think it's going to be a great show.
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  13. Lesley

    Lesley New Member

    Speaking of "the hair," also check out the metrosexual cowboy clothing. From the Hidden Hand premiere here in Albuquerque. [​IMG]
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  14. Marquette

    Marquette New Member

    "Richard and Art always makes for good radio. I think it's going to be a great show."

    DITTO !!!!
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  15. Lesley

    Lesley New Member

    And here is a meme I made from one of the photos
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  16. Roy Hinkley

    Roy Hinkley Stranded Castaway T1

    That's a great photo of Linda Mountain Ho (C2C caller's version of her name). What a great smile.
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  17. Lesley

    Lesley New Member

    Notice how she is leaning away from Hoagie? LOL!
  18. Roy Hinkley

    Roy Hinkley Stranded Castaway T1

    LOL! He's really rocking the pink shirt and matching socks... And how can you not take a guy seriously who sports the bolo tie as only the Dick can do?
    Being a guy, I cannot attest to the good looking aspect of Dick as per Nekki, but I'll take your word for it!
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  19. Naked Apple

    Naked Apple Anam Cara T1

    OMG. I love this!
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  20. Roy Hinkley

    Roy Hinkley Stranded Castaway T1

    Yeah, there's some telling body language!
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